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Ace Door Servicing Co, Inc.

Aug 20, 2013

Ace Door Servicing, Inc.

Welcome to Ace Door Servicing Inc.  We are a family owned and operated business and have over 20 years experience in the selling, servicing and installing of overhead doors.  We provide service to both commercial and residential customers and offer the quickest turnaround time in the Greater Charlotte area. From Carriage House to Raised Panel doors, we have a wide selection of the most elegant and functional doors in the area.From Mooresville to Rock Hill and Monroe to Lake Norman, we have installed overhead doors in some of the finest homes in North and South Carolina.  Whether you are in Pineville or Mint Hill we have all your overhead doors and accessories covered.

Member Profile - written by Edwin Tetenbaum

   Garage door.  In the past, when I heard that term, all I could conjure up in my mind was a door that goes up or down either manually or electrically to a garage entranceway.  Childhood memories of getting out of a nice warm car in the middle of a NJ winter to open our garage door would sometimes enter my mind.  A conversation with Sybil Helms, owner of Ace Door Servicing Inc, forever changed this simplistic way I had of looking at garage doors.

Ace Door, originally founded in Mint Hill in 1964 by Bill Hamilton was purchased in 1987 by Mike Helms, a friend of the Hamilton's in 1987.

Mike, whose previous experience was as a machinist and mold maker quickly learned everything he needed to learn about the installation, maintenance, and sales of garage doors. After working with Bill for a couple of days, he was pretty much on his own. He almost immediately started to expand the business.

In 1996, he was joined by his daughter Mica.  A few years later in 2000, his wife Sybil, and another daughter Molly joined Mike and Sybil in the business effectively making it a family run business.  Sadly in 2008,  Mike passed away, making Sybil the sole owner of the business.  The business to this day continues to be run as a family business by Sybil, Mica, and Molly.  In addition, 2 full time service technicians with over 17 years of experience in the business, and 4 subcontractors are employed by Ace garage.

As you walk in the entranceway of the business, different style doors greet you.  During my visit, Sybil showed me a catalogue that had many different styles of doors available.  I never realized that there were so many different choices in style available.

In addition to selling and installing garage doors, they also service them.  Sybil explained to me that sometimes, the person can be talked through the problem they are having with their garage door over the phone. "I hate to send someone out and they just make a minor adjustment", Sybil explains to me. When a technician does not need to be sent out, there is no charge for the help they give over the telephone.  In a day and age where most people charge for everything, I find myself feeling impressed that they do this.

Along with the different choices of door style, there are enough different types of garage door springs to fill a fairly thick book.  As Sybil explains to me some of the mechanics and the safety features that go into the design of a garage door, I find myself amazed at everything that is involved with a simple garage door.

Additionally, there are a lot of government regulations that involve both the safety and design of these doors.  Ultimately, these regulations do add some cost to the price of the doors, Sybil explained to me.

One thing Ace tries to do whenever possible is utilize Mint Hill businesses.  "The customers in Mint Hill have been a wonderful base of support.  Citizens in Mint Hill are very supportive of Mint Hill businesses" Sybil explains to me.  She also states, "We have met a lot of wonderful people in this business".

After talking with Sybil, I now see garage doors in a different light than I used to.  I now have some appreciation of everything that is involved with them.

Ace Door Servicing Inc installs and maintains garage doors down to Rock Hill, up to the Lake Norman area, and all the way out to Gastonia and Monroe.  They operate roughly within a 50 mile radius of Charlotte.

They are located at 8400 Fairview Road, Unit F in Mint Hill.  Their phone number is 704-545-5829. Their web address is . They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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